Xbox One

Microsoft has finally announced the next iteration in their line of home entertainment systems. The console formally code-named “Durango” greets us as simply XBOX One. Perhaps the name is a sign that Microsoft is taking the system back to the intended roots of the XBOX brand (being to become the only device needed in your living room) or the name could be a direct blow to the competition stating that the next XBOX will become the number “one” console. Either way, SAGA inc Studios likes it.

The name, the design and Microsoft’s bold decision to go the route of transparency is all sheer genius. Not to mention all the technical upgrades from the current generation (better Kinect, quicker processing and seamless integration with all other non-xbox devices, among others). While Sony (Microsoft’s largest competitor) definitely gained our interest with their “preview” of the Playstation 4, they only provided brief specs on the system and only showed the controller. Microsoft’s approach to market the XBOX overshadows the Sony press conference because they gave us what we wanted – an all out sampling of what you see is what you’ll get.

You can view full coverage on our favorite entertainment site here:

The lesson? The public wants transparency. Sure its nice to let our imaginations run wild with speculation, but that’s how we ended up thinking that Apple’s iPhone 5 would be the “next big thing”.

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