The underdog comes roaring back!

yahoo logo SAGA inc Studios would like to take the time to personally congratulate YAHOO! for generating more unique visitor traffic that Google for the first time in two years!

According to analysis of U.S. Internet use YAHOO! brought in just over 4 million more visitors than arch rival Google in the month of July. This does not include search engine numbers which are still heavily in Google’s favor, but instead looks at the property sites and services that each company provides. For example YouTube traffic is included in Google’s number because Google owns it.

Although members of our team remain unbiased, supporting and actively using services provided by each of the largest Internet companies (yes you too Bing) it feels good to see Yahoo! back on top after a long journey — which included multiple executive position changes — trying to figure out what went wrong. With a new attitude on content and weighing in more heavily on breaking news and media, this new YAHOO! may actually give people a real reason to rethink their default search engine and maybe even desktop homepage.

Check out more information on Sky News

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