SAFEO Hires SAGA inc as Agency of Record


Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities (SAFEO), Inc. is a Washington, DC based non-profit organization that supports student athletes at all levels. Founded in 1990 its membership consists of student and professional athletes, coaches, officials of athletic organization, semi-professional sports groups and other community stakeholders. SAFEO works to prepare student athletes for the rigors of college level work and the challenges of the college experience. It also works to enhance their athletic skills; introduce them to the many available career opportunities in sports; and inform and train them in healthy living. We work to build character and a consciousness for community responsibility.

SAGA inc Studios was hired as the ‘Agency of Record’ providing advertising, marketing, graphic design, event assistance, website design and development services, etc. We continue to assist SAFEO with a wide variety of projects and support their movement to better the livelihood of Student Athletes nationwide.

Find out more about this great non-profit by visiting their website (developed by SAGA inc Studios) at

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