Introducing SAGA inc Records


SAGA inc Studios’ music division: SAGA inc Records is a cutting edge, full service, independent music production agency that works to develop and promote artist material by means of open source marketing. Working with SAGA inc Records, every artist and/or recording label will receive music production support, helpful musical critique and supportive marketing backed by the professionalism of our parent company SAGA inc Studios.

SAGA inc Records will work as a recording labels’ marketing department – assisting with all needs surrounding the advertising and promotion of artist material. We assist individuals and groups with developing business plans, obtaining licences, and building relationships throughout the underground and mainstream music industries. We actively negotiate terms with recording studios nationwide to offer artists inexpensive and professional environments for recording quality music.

We offer all of our affiliates and artists open source contracts that permit them to work with any recording label, distributor or production company of their choice without incurring any fees or contractual breaches. This allows SAGA inc Records to be utilized as a professional resource rather than a limitation.

Backed by SAGA inc Studios, we specialize in developing strategic marketing plans and advertising campaigns that bring our affiliates and artists the added exposure they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. We are industry experts in public relations, social media, internet and traditional offline marketing.

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