Hidden messages

Starbucks logo

Starbucks logo

SAGA inc Studios specializes in the design and creation of unique logos and branding materials. Simply stated, we come up with things that clients want people to see and remember. But what if those things included additional messages that were never meant to be noticed by the public?

These subliminal messages are all around us as programmers hide signatures in code, designers place symbols and jokes in graphics and writers test the attention of readers everywhere. The list goes on.

While on our daily prowl of the internet we came across a few articles that talk about exactly what we mean. Check out how programmers hid everything from initials to long messages within some of our favorite video games while designers left some not-so-child-friendly images within advertisements. These are truly great articles that will definitely make a company triple check their final artwork. Bravo to the writers!

Article 1:

Article 2:

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