about us


SAGA inc Studios has a mission to provide small and large agencies, businesses and organizations with an inexpensive means of gaining additional revenue, recognition and exposure through strategic advertising, marketing and social campaign deployment.

Our team of individuals include marketing professionals who have over 12-years of experience in the field of advertising and campaign marketing. we employ top-notch designers, web specialists and individuals with “know-how” when it comes to cutting edge technologies, social media and design techniques. Our senior-level team members have worked with many non-profits, government agencies, schools and private sector companies on a variety of projects.

We specialize in developing strategic marketing plans and advertising campaigns that bring our clients the added exposure they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. We are industry experts in public relations, social media, internet and traditional offline marketing.

So why SAGA inc? While many marketing firms are “stuck in the past” overcharging for their professional services, we believe that with new technologies come an easier process. With that being said, the overhead costs incurred by clients should reflect this change. We provide the same marketing and advertising services offered by other agencies at greatly reduced rates simply because we employ a team that cares. Without our clients and their will to succeed in their respective markets, there would be no drive for competition and ultimately no forward economical progress. We are assisting entrepreneurs, established businesses, government agencies, and start-ups reach their goals via dedicated partnerships that show we are equally interested in their success.

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